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Healthy meal plan

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Here at Solution Telehealth, I consult people  who are serious about switching to a healthier lifestyle or improve their current routine. Whether that is pre/post bariatric or plastic surgery, or you are ready to change your health. I will work closely with you to help achieve reasonable health goals by tapping into mindfulness,  making better food choices, supplements and adding exercise slowly. “You didn’t gain weight overnight and you will not lose it overnight.”  Health begins with your state of mind and willingness to get healthy as well as recognizing the “Why, What, and How” of eating habits.




My name is Bridjett Gassaway APRN, FNP-C and I am a family nurse practitioner. I have been in the healthcare field for over the past 10 years in various healthcare roles, and what I have noticed is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is helpful in preventing and treating hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, depression, kidney & liver failure, heart attack, stroke and cancer to name a few.

Being "healthy" is hard to achieve with crazy work schedules, family, and lack of time or energy; it is even harder to lose weight.  Weight loss is important in being healthy, but taking care of yourself inside and out is key. I have realized body image, self-esteem, low energy, pain, and stress often play a role in maintaining weight loss and reeks' havoc on your immune system, joints and organs. Many times, people need help with changing eating habits, identifying stressors, improve sleep, increase energy, incorporating vitamins and antioxidants in order to  decrease inflammation, detox and  lose/keep the weight off. 


 With being overweight most of my life, I too have struggled with being consistent with yo-yo diets, pills, and exercise fads. I  have helped many clients with chronic health conditions such as post-COVID fatigue  improve their health, labs results, weight loss and overall feel better.  Most importantly, getting yourself healthy to live a fulfilling life is hard enough with everyday stressors. People that suffer from dehydration from hangovers, recent illness or bariatric surgery, fatigue, depression, headaches, lactose intolerance,  irritable bowel syndrome, hair loss, stress, poor sleep, joint pain, lack of concentration can make it difficult to function. Over the years, I have found that setting small goals helps greatly with MOTIVATION as well as learning what foods, vitamins and nutrients carry the most nutritional value.  

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