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Just a Few of the Many Customizable Supplements Available

Many of these programs goes well with 1-2-3-GO! Meal Plan!


START HERE for your FREE all-in-one assessment tool to customize your supplements based on your needs and preferences. 

Custom Blends

The must have for your wellness journey. Lifestyle change is critical with getting started a good quality vitamin supplement.

With Daily Essentials vitamins, you will get 100% or more of the daily value of the important vitamin and nutrients.

This is a great supplement for all adults, teens, athletes, people with absorption issues (gastric bypass) and pre-menopausal women. Free samples can be ordered, you just pay shipping!

  • You can customize your supplement order and purchase the products you choose.

  • Custom cocktail allows you to choose from 19 different Isotonix products and create your own formula to meet your unique needs.

  • Comes in both 30-day and 90-day options.

  • Built with nutrition guard, so no need to be concerned about exceeding upper limits or diminishing the activity of any formula.

  • Great alternative to IV hydration, create your own blend and take at home!

  • You can take a "do-it-for-me" approach, rest assured the specialty formulas were created by scientists that "get" nutrition.

Weight Loss 

30 Day Jump Start

Thermochrome V6

The new and improved formula delivers real results, without the jittery feeling.


Digestive Health

Have food sensitivities or lactose intolerant? This supplement is packed with probiotics and digestive enzymes to help balance your gut so you can eat the food the miss again!

Immune Health

A healthy immune system helps form your foundation of health and wellness. nutraMetrix Isotonix Immune is designed to support your innate immune cells, promoting engagement of the natural immune response, and helping you stay vital and energetic.


Prime Sleep

All natural, non-additive sleep aid that help you to drift asleep and stay a sleep. You can order free trial samples, just pay shipping!


This supplement helps to maintain healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine levels. It enhances mood and adaptability to stress.  It also helps to maintain thyroid levels.


Healthy Vending Machine 

On site of office complex, access to healthier options!



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Custom Health Solutions


​  Isotonix Vitamins


Weight Loss 

Skin Health/Beauty


General/Household Items

Have a Glimpse

Learn more about health and  wellness from Solution Wellness! I can assist  with creating  custom supplements, appetite suppressants  and meal plans.  Please checkout my social media pages below for pop up promotions, healthy hacks, recipe ideas and accountability group on Facebook. 


Testimonials ​

What My Clients Say

Here’s what my clients in Indiana have to say about my services:

"My A1C has went from 12 to 7 in 4 months with changing my eating habits, I was almost on insulin!" Adam D.

"I can climb ladders at work quicker after changing my eating habits and lowering my cholesterol" Dave. C. 

" I just feel better now, I do not feel sluggish or winded like I used to." Alecia M.


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